Green Tea Party faces off “Tea Party”

The Tea Party and I will have another chance to face off on Saturday, August 27, in Napa.

The Napa County Green Party is reaching out to Green Party members and progressives to protest against the Tea Party from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Napa. The Tea Party will be kicking off a national tour. Green Fairfax Mayor Larry Bragman and I will be speaking.

My initial face-to-face encounter with the Tea Party happened shortly after my first appearance on Neil Cavuto’s TV show on Fox Business News. His programmer needed to book a guest in favor of taxing the rich, so they contacted the Green Party of the U.S. and I went on the show.

Neil Cavuto’s staff called me two weeks later and asked me to appear on his show in Sacramento on April 15, 2009. The Tea Party had just begun to get a lot of media, and they were holding tax day rallies around the country.

My memories of that Tax Day rally included my conversation with the young make-up person in a tent next to the outdoor TV stage. While Cavuto was interviewing Tom McClintock (a former opponent of mine from the 2002 State Controller race–Mr. Reverse 10-Key-Values), this young woman said, “I really disagree with what they’re saying here. It’s awful.”

A few minutes later I must have looked like a “deer in the headlights” when I said something about taking care of our future generations and the whipped-up crowd shouted that they’ll take care of themselves!

That was two years ago. I can’t wait for Saturday, August 27, when the Napa Green Party is giving us all a great chance to hold our signs and speak our values in Napa. (By the way, there are some tea partiers who are not in line with the agendas of their billionaire backers and mainstream media promoters, and there are defections!)

Join us if you are able, and bring friends. I’m looking forward to seeing a big crowd at this Green Tea Party.




There Are Solutions

It’s Sunday evening, August 14, 2011, and I’m starting a blog. It’s about solutions.

We actually can turn this mess around; we can turn away from destructive directions, and toward positive directions. There are solutions, but they don’t want us to believe that. That’s why I’ve decided to focus on solutions.

Who do I mean by “they” when I say they don’t want us to believe there are solutions? That will be my next blog.

Who do I mean by “us”? People who want great education and environment, jobs and justice, housing and healthcare, peace.

What kind of solutions? Individual and institutional solutions. Solutions where we take personal and global responsibility.

And a very important thing we’ll talk about is “How do we get there from here?” Social movements and electoral movements, awareness and solidarity, the power of good examples.

That about covers it. Thanks for joining in.

Another world is possible,


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