Millionaires Tax wins in polls vs. Jerry Brown’s

The Millionaires Tax was winning in polls as compared to Jerry Brown’s more regressive tax measure, and so he pushed the California Federation of Teachers for a still regressive “compromise” measure.

People know millionaires have gotten all the prosperity, why should Brown deal all of us the austerity? There’s a rally to Continue the Millionaires Tax at the State Building,1515 Clay in downtown Oakland at 4:00 pm today – the first day of spring!

In the interest of pushing for a tax measure than can win in November, last night I emailed the following to CFT contacts.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Laura Wells <>
Date: March 19, 2012 10:47:03 PM PDT
Subject: Support a compromise tax initiative that can win

Respecting your time, I’m keeping this under 200 words, and emailing it to all CFT officers and contacts.

How can unions achieve a tax initiative that can win in November, and avert even more draconian cuts to education, social services and labor? Based on attending many meetings this past week, the answer could well be this: eliminate the sales tax increase completely.

Given that the newest initiative petition hit the streets within days of the compromise reached last Wednesday, then there is still time for a new compromise, if Governor Jerry Brown wants to put his power, together with union power, behind an initiative that can win.

In summary:

  • No sales tax increase! This is crucial.
  • Permanent – not temporary income tax rate increases – no ending date.
  • Make total revenue larger than both the Millionaires Tax and the first “compromise” – and have the revenue come from the very highest incomes.
  • Change only the tax specifics, and leave the rest of the initiative. In other words, apply revenue to close the budget gap.

What do you think? Can do?

Laura Wells
Blogger on the California Budget
2010 Green Party candidate for Governor

twitter: Wells4Gov


Occupying Government in Sacramento: Boomerang on the 1%

In places as close as Richmond, California and as far away as South America, people have been combining strong social and electoral movements, so that their governments make decisions for the 99%, not the 1%. We can create participatory democracy and run to win in our representative democracy, side by side.

THE PAST, AND THE 1%: In past elections a majority of people exercised only three choices: vote Democratic, vote Republican, or don’t vote. The 1% loves that system and calls it democracy.

THE PRESENT: Elections changed in California in June 2010 when a so-called “Open Primary” was approved. People like the idea of voting for anyone regardless of political party. But it has a catch, and should be called “Top Two Primary.” Only two candidates go to the November election. Where this has been tried in the past, only incumbents and highly-funded candidates – the 1% candidates – were left standing. But this can boomerang!

THE FUTURE: People in South America – especially the young and impoverished – are voting in much greater numbers than ever before. The 1% loses big. In many South American countries, contrary to the misrepresentation of mainstream media and the powers-that-be, the disparity of wealth is decreasing, and education, healthcare, and people’s participation in their governments are improving. The “Top Two Primary” can boomerang on the 1%. In primaries for California state offices, we can vote for anyone regardless of political party, so we can freely vote for Green, Peace and Freedom, and independent candidates who are not controlled by corporate campaign cash! Then in November we will have real choices. What happened in South America can happen here.

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