Millionaires Tax wins in polls vs. Jerry Brown’s

The Millionaires Tax was winning in polls as compared to Jerry Brown’s more regressive tax measure, and so he pushed the California Federation of Teachers for a still regressive “compromise” measure.

People know millionaires have gotten all the prosperity, why should Brown deal all of us the austerity? There’s a rally to Continue the Millionaires Tax at the State Building,1515 Clay in downtown Oakland at 4:00 pm today – the first day of spring!

In the interest of pushing for a tax measure than can win in November, last night I emailed the following to CFT contacts.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Laura Wells <>
Date: March 19, 2012 10:47:03 PM PDT
Subject: Support a compromise tax initiative that can win

Respecting your time, I’m keeping this under 200 words, and emailing it to all CFT officers and contacts.

How can unions achieve a tax initiative that can win in November, and avert even more draconian cuts to education, social services and labor? Based on attending many meetings this past week, the answer could well be this: eliminate the sales tax increase completely.

Given that the newest initiative petition hit the streets within days of the compromise reached last Wednesday, then there is still time for a new compromise, if Governor Jerry Brown wants to put his power, together with union power, behind an initiative that can win.

In summary:

  • No sales tax increase! This is crucial.
  • Permanent – not temporary income tax rate increases – no ending date.
  • Make total revenue larger than both the Millionaires Tax and the first “compromise” – and have the revenue come from the very highest incomes.
  • Change only the tax specifics, and leave the rest of the initiative. In other words, apply revenue to close the budget gap.

What do you think? Can do?

Laura Wells
Blogger on the California Budget
2010 Green Party candidate for Governor

twitter: Wells4Gov


About Laura Wells: Solutions
Write-in candidate for Congress, District 13, in June 2018. I ran for Controller in California in 2014 on a State Bank and Tax The Rich platform. I am part of the “No Corporate Money” Campaign, in which candidates pledge to take no corporate money and voters declare our intention to vote for no-corporate-money candidates. As a Green Party candidate for Governor of California in 2010, I was arrested outside a gubernatorial debate for “trespassing at a private party.” But we won't stop, and so let's create a "public party" where we debate solutions to California's finances, like implementing a State Bank and taxing the rich -- to reduce the disparity and open up opportunities. Twitter: @LauraWellsCA Gmail: LauraWells4Congress

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