I know YOU know we have a choice!

This blog is a letter to a friend of mine who sent an email about the lesser of two evils. The letter is followed by 3 postscripts including a link to “Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil.”

Dear Steve – I know YOU know we have a choice!

Even Californians (including many intelligent, active, well-meaning people)
who believe that the two-or-is-it-one-party-system can be “spoiled”
(despite the fact that Gore in 2000 actually won Florida and the presidency) …
EVEN those Californians can vote for anybody they want
since they are in a “safe state” (“safe” according to the “spoiler” theory),
ESPECIALLY if they notice that by November,
neither Romney nor Obama is even bothering to come to CA except to fund-raise.

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala are great candidates. Jill and the Green team have been doing an amazing job energizing this campaign, and hitting the mark to get federal matching funds! Even MSM mainstream media has mentioned it, despite how MSM is funded.

For real, positive change, the time is now.
Or vote Peace and Freedom,
Or write in “Democracy” or “Occupy!”


BLOG P.S. For the record, and for readers of all unsafe states (“unsafe” particularly by the standards of health, wealth and justice), who feel they have to vote Republican-or-Democratic-or-not-at-all, I believe you too can vote for what you want: government not controlled by the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-prison-insurance-congressional-media complex. This means Green, Peace and Freedom, and some independents. If they are not on the ballot, write in “Democracy” or “Occupy!”

BLOG P.P.S.   See “Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil” by Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Project.

BLOG P.P.P.S.  Steve’s sweet response was, “I’m going to write in Laura Wells. Good seeing you today. It’s nice to see the age of the pamphleteer is not gone, and that people still know how to communicate with words on paper.” Steve was referring to seeing me handing out my leaflet to the audience of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. My goal is to be a “pamphleteer” at all or almost all SFMT shows.


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