Electoral Disobedience Builds People Power!

“NO CORPORATE MONEY” Movement Poised to Replace Corporate Controlled Candidates.

My campaign for State Controller is growing and joining in solidarity with other no-corporate-money candidates who are also stepping up and running for office, like author/activist Luis Rodriguez for Governor, author Ellen Brown for Treasurer, David Curtis for Secretary of State, and many more. Many others are sharing our vision, giving their time and talent, and supporting us with financial contributions! 

As a State Controller who takes no corporate money, I will stand up to the Wall Street bankers — like Green Party mayor Gayle McLaughlin in Richmond, CA — and insist they gamble with their own money from now on. With a State Bank for California, we can create a bank that will partner with local banks and credit unions, and provide good loans to homeowners, students, and small businesses. We will keep the interest low, and keep it in the state, to invest in California, not Wall Street.

In the primary election on June 3, 2014 we have a very real chance to upset the status quo and create a more equal state for ALL Californians.

The way we will do this is by committing “Electoral Disobedience” to build people power by voting only for a new wave of “No Corporate Money” candidates who answer to the people, not corporations. California’s new “top two” primary has lots of problems but one big possibility: any voter can vote for any candidate regardless of political party. Be sure to cast your vote, but not for corporate-funded candidates. If they win, you won’t.

In sharp contrast to the corporate candidates, we don’t need millions. With several big donations of $1,000 or more, many smaller donations of $100 or more, and a whole bunch of encouraging $5 donations, we’ll be on our way to building that critical mass. We are grateful for ALL donations! Together we can spread the word about solutions, and stand up to those that continue to put profit before humanity and the planet.

Your financial contribution helps my campaign and lets people know that their voices and their votes can make a huge difference in the June 3 primary election.

If you would like to donate to my campaign, please click HERE.

Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/laurawellscalifornia?ref=hl

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Thank you for all you do!

Laura Wells for Controller 2014


About Laura Wells: Solutions
Write-in candidate for Congress, District 13, in June 2018. I ran for Controller in California in 2014 on a State Bank and Tax The Rich platform. I am part of the “No Corporate Money” Campaign, in which candidates pledge to take no corporate money and voters declare our intention to vote for no-corporate-money candidates. As a Green Party candidate for Governor of California in 2010, I was arrested outside a gubernatorial debate for “trespassing at a private party.” But we won't stop, and so let's create a "public party" where we debate solutions to California's finances, like implementing a State Bank and taxing the rich -- to reduce the disparity and open up opportunities. Twitter: @LauraWellsCA Gmail: LauraWells4Congress

One Response to Electoral Disobedience Builds People Power!

  1. Richard Stookey says:

    Seems to me the problem of getting corporate or for that matter any single fat cat’s money out of the elections, would be to allow only registered voters to contribute.

    After all you have to be a registered voter to vote, and…. you can only vote once and….you can only vote for Candidates, Propositions, or Ballot Measures that show up on your registered primary residential addresses ballot, no more, no less. Straight forward seems to me.

    This is what is known as “your voter bill of rights” These are safeguards that were put in place to ensure a more fair election process,and it worked for the the most part too. It stopped the fat cats from rounding up the desperate throngs, buying their votes and then toting them to every polling place in the territory to vote again and again…. and low and behold the fat cat;s interest would usually win ……. go figure.

    The voter bill of rights made The Fat Cats say F the Damn Voter bill of rights.

    And it worked…for awhile…. till the Fat Cats…. well…….. they got to figuring, then they got their accountants ciphering, even went so far as to claim praying for a way around that pesky little problem, that God Damn “voter bill of rights” impediment.God Damn..It.. things use to be so easy….. So they decided they’d try what they like to call their trickle down theory of economics and they threw the only thing they had, and that’s was oodles, and oodles and oodles and oodles of money at the elections….I.mean……everywhere…Massachusetts. Wisconsin..California literally…. everywhere .From Bangor Maine to Olema CA. I’m serious I mean freakin everywhere

    Funny thing bout all that money……. all that money…… well it didn’t trickle down very far at all, only as far as a few of their friends or their friends kin, labeled them administrators or some other title as to make it sound real legit in all and the rest….. well the rest went to the media and….oh yea ….that’s right they own the media..so..well…so much for the trickle down theory?.
    ( what the left hand giveth the right hand taketh, talk about a no brainer shell game)

    Oh well I digress. Where was I? Oh yea The Money yea that’s right the fat cats made our voter bill of rights a total farce by throwing so much money at the elections that they totally ran the show, in some convoluted, demonic Rube Goldberg, underhanded sort of way. They run the show. I’ve actually heard people tell kids that if they get good grades and stay in school and be an honorable person they could grow up to be President of the United States someday. Really? The 2112 presidential election alone set a out of worldly cost factor. Just two candidates, That’s two people, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, well they spent just over 1 billion dollars apiece, now that’s apiece for their presidential run that’s a little north ……………….of $2,000,000,000.00 wow that’s alot of zeros. This really limits the playing field, and that’s really too sad cuz the smart ones never get heard, the really good and honorable people and ideas just fall through the cracks. We need to reverse this trend and expand the playing field, we need serious dialog, debate, and thought then action. Not some Punch and Judy show that’s been scripted, produced, and distributed by We Want To Rule The World And We Want It Now Productions LLC

    Hell. I don’t know one northern californian that wouldn’t get highly upset if not darn right livid if they found out that some damn southern californians were coming up and tainting our local elections for their own agenda at our peril, let alone some pompous texans yukking it up on how they sure really screwed Ca. HA HA HA or how some multinational corporate conglomerate with an agenda that hardly benefits America or the American workers boasts of it’s shenanigans and at the ease it pulled it off and really we just did a cost analysis and the numbers were just to good HA HA HA

    Well, we can stop this travesty and it’s as simple as it is empirical. Just like the voter bill of rights safeguarded votes in elections. I believe their intent also applies to contributions, else why would they even bother. The data base is already here ie. registered voter rolls. The rules are already in place and agreed upon at least as far as votes are concerned and for the very same reasons that these rules were made to safeguard votes should apply to contributions also, otherwise it’s really just so much lip service for the masses.and they wouldn’t do that? Not with intent? That would make our whole system a farce

    Now I haven’t mentioned any spending limits, and I believe there probably should be, but even if there wasn’t the fat cats could only contribute to what’s on their ballot at his or hers current residence address, there by limiting their greedy reach. As far as federal elections go they would be able to contribute to The President, a US Senator or two, and one US Congressman not the whole damn country. not the whole US Senate not every US Congressional contest in the country not every city councilman in any big or small town that would further their personal agenda what ever it be.

    Granted in their home states they would wield a little more power but only a little.Gov, Secretary of State etc but only one district that they live and they can’t hide in their own town the transparency would be too clear to obscure their agenda..

    Any candidate, entity, or citizen who tries or circumvents these laws should be held accountable and tried as traitors of these Free United American States. Yes I said Traitors as I hold them no different then any other terrorist, and terrorist they are make no mistake. Both their agendas weather by bombs or demonic policy inflict unnecessary pain and suffering on the American public and undermine our inalienable rights as American citizens and as Human Beings.


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