CUBA – at MIA airport, leaving for Cuba!

I have a few minutes to share my questions about Cuba. (And I’m doing this 2nd blog just 2 days after the introduction to my new blog!) Questions for my Cuba trip, random from my yellow pad.
(1) What are the hopes and fears of the Cuban people related to the normalization of relations between the US and Cuba? And how do they differ according to age group. Anyone 55 or younger never experienced the dictatorship that was overthrown as of January 1, 1959.
(2) Religion and spirituality: is it valued? respected? embraced?
(3) Is the 2-type money system getting better or worse for the Cuban people?
(4) Will I be able to see some of the wonderful birds they have there and nowhere else in the world. Like the Bee Hummingbird, zunzuncita or something like that.
Oops we/re boarding!


About Laura Wells: Solutions
Write-in candidate for Congress, District 13, in June 2018. I ran for Controller in California in 2014 on a State Bank and Tax The Rich platform. I am part of the “No Corporate Money” Campaign, in which candidates pledge to take no corporate money and voters declare our intention to vote for no-corporate-money candidates. As a Green Party candidate for Governor of California in 2010, I was arrested outside a gubernatorial debate for “trespassing at a private party.” But we won't stop, and so let's create a "public party" where we debate solutions to California's finances, like implementing a State Bank and taxing the rich -- to reduce the disparity and open up opportunities. Twitter: @LauraWellsCA Gmail: LauraWells4Congress

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