Political Revolution? Use Voter Registration Power!

Here are eight reasons to register yourself and others Green:  

(1)  Four years! Not until the 2020 presidential primary will your voter registration affect what ballot you get for public offices and initiatives. The freedom to register Green is one good thing in California’s generally horrible Top-Two Primary system. Laura Wells at gov debate 4k

(2)  Use your power to pressure politicians. Use all the political power you have to the max, including your votes and your voter registrations. Pressure Sacramento and Washington to come to the people, instead of moving evermore toward the money!

(3)  Support Bernie’s and Greens’ solutions. Be a strong counter-balance to the oligarchy. Let the Democratic Party know they can’t ignore us and take our votes and voter registrations for granted as they have for years. They have to do something for us, not just talk. A surge in Green Party registrations between the primary and convention and beyond will create much more pressure than staying Democrat or “No Party Preference.”

(4)  Build a strong third party. Help build that strong third party so many Americans want. The Green Party is the strongest independent no-corporate-money party we have for working families in this country. It’s hard to eradicate the Green Party since it’s also international. You can bet the U.S. political system doesn’t make it easy for third parties to become strong — that’s where people power comes in: votes and voter registrations.

(5)  No more “back pocket.”  Let the Democratic and Republican parties know that we are not in their back pockets. From millennials to seniors, we do have somewhere else to go! Don’t give the parties of the 1% your seal of approval via your voter registration.

(6)  Electoral arm. Register your values and build the Green Party as a strong electoral arm of the social, environmental, peace and justice movements!

(7)  Greens are alive and growing. Staffing a voter reg table lets the public know the Green Party is alive and growing.

(8)  It’s fun!   … and engaging, getting to know folks behind the table, and the folks who come up to the table.

Please let me know if you’re ready, willing and able to help with the biggest Green Party voter registration drive in 20 years! RSVP in a comment or otherwise. We do need a political revolution!

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