Looking for the Courage to Continue

The billionaire class won again. Shocking, depressing. So I look for some news to give me courage to continue, and here’s what I found:

  • Richmond Progressive Alliance achieved its first ever majority on the Richmond City Council, a government formerly run by the largest corporation in California, Chevron. RPA takes no corporate and no developer money, and they beat the billionaire class. They now have 5 seats out of 7.gayle_ben_melvin
  • Maine voted in Ranked-Choice Voting, also known as Instant Runoff Voting, for electing the governor and state and federal legislators. This was a positive reaction to the negative reality of their terrible governor Paul LePage.
  • Jesse Arreguin beat the machine and was elected mayor of Berkeley.
  • Oakland voters beat Big Soda by more than 20 points, despite the industry’s huge number of lying ads and mailers.
  • Oakland needed 2/3 and got more than 70% to pass rent control and affordable housing.
  • Marijuana was legalized in California; now we just need to make sure it’s not GMO’d and corporatized.
  • “Citizens United” was rejected by California.
  • And I know there’s more decent election news out there.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the “real political revolution” to begin.

I’m excited by the energy the millennials are bringing into the no-corporate-money Green Party. Many Bernie Sanders’ supporters switched to Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka when they saw the dirty tricks pulled by the Democratic Party in the primaries and Philadelphia convention. In all likelihood, no-corporate-money Bernie would have beaten billionaire Trump.

I’m encouraged by the wisdom I’ve seen in our next generation. That’s the main thing that gives me the courage to continue.


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