Electoral Disobedience Builds People Power!

“NO CORPORATE MONEY” Movement Poised to Replace Corporate Controlled Candidates.

My campaign for State Controller is growing and joining in solidarity with other no-corporate-money candidates who are also stepping up and running for office, like author/activist Luis Rodriguez for Governor, author Ellen Brown for Treasurer, David Curtis for Secretary of State, and many more. Many others are sharing our vision, giving their time and talent, and supporting us with financial contributions! 

As a State Controller who takes no corporate money, I will stand up to the Wall Street bankers — like Green Party mayor Gayle McLaughlin in Richmond, CA — and insist they gamble with their own money from now on. With a State Bank for California, we can create a bank that will partner with local banks and credit unions, and provide good loans to homeowners, students, and small businesses. We will keep the interest low, and keep it in the state, to invest in California, not Wall Street.

In the primary election on June 3, 2014 we have a very real chance to upset the status quo and create a more equal state for ALL Californians.

The way we will do this is by committing “Electoral Disobedience” to build people power by voting only for a new wave of “No Corporate Money” candidates who answer to the people, not corporations. California’s new “top two” primary has lots of problems but one big possibility: any voter can vote for any candidate regardless of political party. Be sure to cast your vote, but not for corporate-funded candidates. If they win, you won’t.

In sharp contrast to the corporate candidates, we don’t need millions. With several big donations of $1,000 or more, many smaller donations of $100 or more, and a whole bunch of encouraging $5 donations, we’ll be on our way to building that critical mass. We are grateful for ALL donations! Together we can spread the word about solutions, and stand up to those that continue to put profit before humanity and the planet.

Your financial contribution helps my campaign and lets people know that their voices and their votes can make a huge difference in the June 3 primary election.

If you would like to donate to my campaign, please click HERE.

Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/laurawellscalifornia?ref=hl

Follow me on Twitter  @WellsController

Thank you for all you do!

Laura Wells for Controller 2014


Seven months, and the website is up!

The website www.laurawells.org is up, and you can find it here! We are getting everything lined up for the all-important primary on June 3, 2014.

The campaign and the website are growing, and we hope you will join us. Browse the website; listen to an interview on KPFA about Goldman Sachs and who’s accepting their money; read the blog; contact us with your comments and the ways you would like to join us.

If you are able to make a donation to our “No Corporate Money” campaign, we’re delighted to tell you that in addition to sending checks to the P.O. Box, there is now a way to donate online. Whether you can afford to give big contributions or small, they all count, and they are all extremely encouraging!

Thank you for reading this countdown message, and feel free to forward to friends and family. I hope you enjoy the website, and it will be wonderful to hear from you.

Another world is possible, and California is a great place to start.

Eight months, and rolling up our sleeves

[Written on October 3, 2013]

My daughter Natalia and I “rolled up our sleeves” this afternoon and designed campaign buttons showing people power over money power, with a person triumphing over a moneybag, and the words “Vote June 3, 2014” at the bottom. It’s so much fun to be impressed by what your child can do! By the way, check out her band, https://www.facebook.com/SocialStudies101

Last week I filled out the first questionnaire for the June 3, 2014 primary – exactly eight months from today. There was a question about campaign goals. My goal is this: I want us to win! So, who are we?

We are a huge group of people – we are

  • 89% of Americans who believe there is too much corporate money in politics,
  • the Green Party, whose candidates never take corporate money,
  • other candidates who also refuse corporate money,
  • the new No Corporate Money Campaign that is creating a cool video, to raise thousands of dollars to put up a fabulous website to build a critical mass of candidates who will take no corporate money and voters who will vote for them. Look again at the example of Richmond to see what happens when candidates who don’t take corporate and developer money win. You might want to sign up for their inspiring newsletter; see the left hand column of http://www.richmondprogressivealliance.net/

The trick about California is that we really can start to turn this state around. That’s why it’s so important that good, un-bought people get themselves on the ballot, as soon as possible. Maybe you will consider running, or encourage others to run.

I believe that this destructive corporate-controlled system will crack, and that its unraveling after the crack will proceed fairly rapidly. Why? Because it has happened before. In Latin America people who had not voted – especially the young and the impoverished – started voting, and replaced the old guard. The new governments  championed their people and not the 1% of the world. (And yes, the U.S. government and corporate media are mad – that’s why they lie about Latin America so much!)

I will wrap this up with a big THANK YOU. Last month I said you could mail a check to surprise us when we check the P.O. Box and a bunch of people did! Again, thank you.

Your offers of help are also very encouraging, and a dream I have is to work closely with one or more people who will help our campaign make the best possible use of all the help that is offered! If that person is you or someone you can recommend, let me know as soon as you possibly can!

Another world is possible.

Laura Wells for Controller 2014
P.O. Box 10181
Oakland, CA 94610

BLOG WEBSITE: http://laurawellssolutions.com/  is still my best website
WEBSITE:  laurawells.org – not updated yet, but we’ll get there!
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/laurawellscontroller (thanks to Edy in LA)
TWITTER: @wellscontroller

Nine months, to a new birth

In nine months we have a chance for a new birth! Here’s a vision that keeps appearing to me, despite all the bad news I hear.

We will begin to crack this system, by doing the things the 1% – really the 0.01% – do not want us to do.

The simple fact is that we vastly outnumber them and if we stop buying the candidates they have already bought, we will win. Then we will have people in government who will champion – not squash – the great ideas we have, for schools, for justice, for housing, the environment, jobs, health.

Replace is the word we’ve left behind in politics, and it’s the action we need to take. We cannot influence or lobby our elected officials to make them do the fair and sensible things that we regular people want them to do. The 1% is sitting pretty, having convinced us – step by step since the Great Depression of the 1930s – that we have only three choices in elections: vote Democrat, vote Republican, or do not vote at all. Their campaign contributions control the titanic Democratic and Republican parties, and their corrupt practices make us sick of the whole system.

But on June 3, 2014, in nine months, we will have on the ballot candidates who pledge to take no corporate money, and we will have voters who declare their intention to vote in the primary, and to vote for candidates who take no corporate money. Why? Because corporate money in the campaign is the best way to distinguish between people who will be on our side after the election, and people who will toe the line of the 1%.

My fondest wish is that many young people of the occupy and student movements run for office. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been at meetings and events where I’ve seen brilliant facilitators and organizers. They seem to understand that the issues are all connected, and so are all the people. That’s my favorite part of the vision.

We do have the power.



Step by step, with help from other people, the elements of my campaign are are coming together.


Yes! If you are able, donations are gratefully accepted. They are very much needed in a practical way for everything from travel expenses to literature and communications, not to mention costly fees to Sacramento. And they are tremendously encouraging, enabling me to reach out and spread the word as much as possible. The two ways to contribute financially are:
(1) Laura Wells for Controller account with PayPal, laurawells2014@gmail.com
(2) Mail a check to surprise us when we check the P.O. Box!

Laura Wells for Controller 2014
P.O. Box 10181
Oakland, CA 94610

Ten months, and counting

[Written on August 3, 2013]

On June 3, 2014 – in exactly 10 months – we will have a chance in the California primary to vote for No Corporate Money candidates. It’s a new primary system and any voter can vote for any candidate for state and local office regardless of political party.

How many times have you heard candidates say one thing and then get into office and do something else altogether? Then they run again – and expect our votes – on the basis that at least they’re better than the candidate from the other corporate-funded Titanic Party! Why don’t they walk their talk when they get elected? It’s corporate money, simple as that. Taking corporate campaign money is the first line a candidate crosses, and after that, they have to toe the line.

The freedom candidates have when they do not take corporate money!

I attended a march and rally today in Richmond, California, an East Bay city of about 100,000 that has Chevron refineries. Richmond has run slates of candidates who pledge to take no corporate money. My favorite election in Richmond was in 2010 when Chevron, the biggest corporation in California, put a million dollars into three races, and lost, lost, and lost.

After being in Richmond today, I’m inspired all over again!

I am running for State Controller. We need to follow the money if we want to know what’s gone wrong with our schools, jobs, justice, health, and homes! Joining me will be other candidates pledging to take no corporate money.

I’m urging everyone to use all the power you have to stop corporate control of our government. Ironically the 1% knows better than anyone how powerful the 99% is. Use all the power you have, and vote for real people, who do not take corporate money!

That’s it for now. I’m trying to keep it as short as possible, and trying a new email system. I hope to send you a monthly update – maybe on the 3rd of every month – counting down to our chance to elect people into office who will champion the great solutions people are coming up with!

My best website currently is my blog at laurawellssolutions.com (there’s a little “follow” to click in the lower right corner). My Green Governor website http://www.laurawells.org will get updated one of these months! My contact information is below. If you are able to help financially, please mail your check to my P.O. Box for now, and I expect to make it possible to donate online soon.

Thank you for all you do! And good luck to all of us.

Laura Wells for Controller 2014
P.O. Box 10181
Oakland, CA 94610


How we vote: Ranked Choice Voting and “Top Two”

I had an email conversation with Joe, a dancer friend of mine, and I’m sharing part of it in this blog. It’s about the voting systems showing up on our ballots in the Bay Area. We’ve had some election changes in recent years, and so our November ballot shows evidence of two systems: Ranked Choice Voting and “Top Two” primary.

Ranked Choice Voting, also known as IRV/Instant Runoff Voting, takes place in one election — the November “general” election — the election in which people are more likely to vote. San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro in the Bay Area use this voting system for municipal offices.

In RCV voters rank their choices 1-2-3 so that the winner actually gets a majority of votes in one election. If a voter’s first choice is out of the running, then their 2nd choice gets picked up and so on until someone gets a majority of 50%+1.  The goal is that you can vote for the candidate you prefer (what a concept!) and then put as your 2nd and 3rd choices the next best and the lesser-of-two-evil candidates. The question of “spoiler” is thrown out the window. Vote for who you want without regard to “who-can-win”, a label which unfortunately is determined by money from the 1% and their corporations.

The other system is the “Top Two” Primary and it’s the reason there are only two people on the November ballot for state offices this election. The Top Two primary system still uses two elections rather than one. In the June primary, a lower turnout election (only 30% this time!), the field gets whittled down to two. Top Two primaries have historically favored incumbents and highly funded candidates because of name recognition. They win the top two spots in the primary and all others (like Greens) are cut out of the general election in November. That’s what happened in June 2012, the first Top Two primary in California.

This can change for the better, however, since in “Top Two” any voter can vote for any candidate.  In the future the top two could be a Green or other no-corporate-money candidate and a Titanic Party candidate. And the no-corporate-money candidate would have a good chance of winning! In California, we might have an even better chance if there were just a Green/no-corporate-money candidate and a Republican rather than a Democrat.

That’s looking ahead to 2014. As for 2012, the only chance you have to vote Green is in some local races and for president — so take advantage of that!

Here’s to building strength in the “No Corporate Money” Campaign.

I know YOU know we have a choice!

This blog is a letter to a friend of mine who sent an email about the lesser of two evils. The letter is followed by 3 postscripts including a link to “Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil.”

Dear Steve – I know YOU know we have a choice!

Even Californians (including many intelligent, active, well-meaning people)
who believe that the two-or-is-it-one-party-system can be “spoiled”
(despite the fact that Gore in 2000 actually won Florida and the presidency) …
EVEN those Californians can vote for anybody they want
since they are in a “safe state” (“safe” according to the “spoiler” theory),
ESPECIALLY if they notice that by November,
neither Romney nor Obama is even bothering to come to CA except to fund-raise.

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala are great candidates. Jill and the Green team have been doing an amazing job energizing this campaign, and hitting the mark to get federal matching funds! Even MSM mainstream media has mentioned it, despite how MSM is funded.

For real, positive change, the time is now.
Or vote Peace and Freedom,
Or write in “Democracy” or “Occupy!”


BLOG P.S. For the record, and for readers of all unsafe states (“unsafe” particularly by the standards of health, wealth and justice), who feel they have to vote Republican-or-Democratic-or-not-at-all, I believe you too can vote for what you want: government not controlled by the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-prison-insurance-congressional-media complex. This means Green, Peace and Freedom, and some independents. If they are not on the ballot, write in “Democracy” or “Occupy!”

BLOG P.P.S.   See “Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil” by Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Project.

BLOG P.P.P.S.  Steve’s sweet response was, “I’m going to write in Laura Wells. Good seeing you today. It’s nice to see the age of the pamphleteer is not gone, and that people still know how to communicate with words on paper.” Steve was referring to seeing me handing out my leaflet to the audience of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. My goal is to be a “pamphleteer” at all or almost all SFMT shows.


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