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For online OR mail-in, you need your paper ballot with your code. See way below for what to do NOW if you don’t have it. Here’s the slate I endorse:

At this late date, online voting is recommended, but if your mail-in ballot is postmarked TODAY, Monday, Nov 30 — you have a chance of getting it to Eugene, Oregon by the due date of Friday, Dec 4.

To vote online via the internet go to the voting portal at and use the password listed in the cover letter enclosed with your paper ballot. It took about 5 minutes.

My Vote Recommendations
I endorse the whole United for Community Radio slate.

See more detail and more links below my vote list. As to the slates I am not endorsing, in summary, I believe some people are good at running THEIR radio shows, but they are not good at running the whole show! … although they do speak well, and their names are well known. Again, more detail about the UCR slate way below.

It’s ranked choice voting. The first 4 are in order of my ranking; the next 5 are alphabetical by first name; the next 2 are not on the UCR slate, but they are supported by UCR; and the last 2 you can vote for if you’re a staff member.

Janet Kobren
Don Macleay
Scott Olsen
TM Scruggs

Jeremy Miller
Marilla Argüelles
(G.) Mario Fernandez
Sharon Adams
Virginia Browning

Tom Vorhees
Richard Hart

Anthony Fest (if you’re a staff member, you can vote for Anthony)
Sabrina Jacobs (if you’re a staff member, you can vote for Sabrina)

United for Community Radio  ( ) candidates.

These folks have
— protected undocumented people from ICE,
— created and managed non-profits,
— sailed to break the siege of Gaza by sea,
— been the executive producer of,
— edited a book of work by Pelican Bay inmates,
— worked for the victims of police violence in black and brown communities,
— worked in media other than KPFA,
— in the case of Don Macleay, helped to build the Oakland Green Party, and previously worked hands-on with the Sandinistas for 5 years,
— in the case of Scott Olsen, continued unwaveringly to support Iraq Veterans Against the war even after being seriously injured by a police canister during a protest,

— and much more.

These folks have great ideas for positive upgrades at KPFA.  Read their statements and get inspired.

Our entire team dreams of a KPFA linked tightly with the global media revolution as it keeps to a sustainable budget.  Read more about that here:

And, while you’re checking out the website, spend some time with our Community Blog:

Union Activists Endorse United for Community Radio

Bringing Peace to KPFA by Akio Tanaka

‘Save KPFA’ Candidate said Palestinian Children’s Art “Not Appropriate” by Sharon Adams

‘Save KPFA’s’ Principles vs Reality by Mara Rivera

If you haven’t yet received (or if you’ve misplaced) your ballot:

Please fill out the “official ballot request form” right away, at    In the “Additional Notes” section of the form there, we recommend that you also include your phone number and/or e-mail address.  And if you don’t receive your ballot (or a satisfactory response) within about 2 days after filling out that form, then you should immediately contact the Local Election Supervisor, Nelsy Batista, at:  AND: 510-629-1458.  You should be receiving back information on how to vote online.


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