There are some very basic things we should have.  

We know we could have better, happier, and healthier lives for our families and the generations to come, but not while the billionaires and their corporations run the country.

My campaign supports many more issues than this list, and each one is as important as the other… Because they are all connected! And so  are ALL OF THE SOLUTIONS.

Any significant progress we make in solving any one of these problems  will beneficially affect all the others in some way. Imagine how much a great reduction of militarization locally, nationally, and globally would benefit the environment. Imagine the billions of dollars it would free up to address our basic needs.

Together, let’s raise our expectations, use our power, apply pressure, and demand more of our elected officials.

“There Are Solutions!”

1- Affordable Housing

2- Healthcare for All

3- Living Wage

4- Peace and Justice for All

5- Debt-free Education

6- Healthy and Sustainable Planet

7- True Democracy

8- Public Banks not Wall Street Banks

9- and so many more…

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