Healthy and Sustainable Planet

We must live sustainably and in equilibrium with our environment so that we can protect our planet for generations to come.


Healthy and Sustainable Planet – Basics

  • Water, air, and land are needed to sustain life.
  • Climate change policy, renewal energy, and transportation require institutional support.
  • Capitalism is not on the side of the planet.

Healthy and Sustainable Planet – Background and Proposal

Washington should be a world leader in the protection our planet, but administrations of both major parties have instead protected profits of capitalist corporations. Capitalism is not aligned with sane ecological policies. A clear example of that misalignment is the Keystone pipeline, in which the extraction and transportation of oil has been prioritized over protecting water. The Keystone pipeline would make more sense if it were used to transport water from areas that have too much, to areas that have too little.

While each of us has a personal responsibility to do what we can to “save the earth,” what is desperately needed is for our public institutions to step up. Greens in Congress will propose greatly increased federal level support of energy-efficient transportation systems, renewable energy production, healthy agriculture, and enforceable international agreements to reduce environmental damage, and restore our planet.

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