Debt-Free Education

Forgive ALL student debt and invest in our future generation, instead of burdening them with crippling debt.


Education Basics

  • As a U.S. representative from California, I will push for California to again be a model of the best school systems in the country, as it was in the past, and I will push for our nation to learn from this model.
  • We can rebuild the quality of our school systems so that once again the United States can be a world-class engine of personal opportunity and excellence.

Education Background and Proposal

We can provide and maintain quality public education, creating the best conditions for teaching and learning, controlled by the community it serves. Our educational resources should not be provided by the strings-attached “charity” of foundations and corporations, who have no long-term loyalties or commitments, but should be fully funded, by making those individuals and businesses that have already greatly benefited from an educated populace pay their fair share.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “To repair the damage of centuries of denial and oppression means appropriations to create jobs, job training … and equal education.” He warned us against “limited reforms… at bargain rates for the power structure.” I will help restore the priorities we need to rebuild a world-class education system.

I propose that we develop have a positive program that defends and improves the circumstances of teachers, educational staff, students, and parents. We must reduce class-size; improve teaching conditions with adequate time to plan, collaborate and meet with other staff, students and parents; create programs that meet the specific needs of students, whether in special education, ESL, or AP, as well as strong physical education, arts, school-to-career programs, and libraries; expand early childhood programs, which have a direct correlation to later educational success, and adult education classes, which help with literacy, family skills, and life-long learning; make available affordable higher education, with scholarships – not loans – for deserving students.

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