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Corporate-Free Politics

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Serve the People Not Corporations

How do you get the government to serve people and not corporations? One way is to change the laws. Grassroots organizations “left and right” have been working for years to get money out of politics by changing laws. Another way is for voters and candidates to to take it on ourselves to vote for people who take no corporate money, and to run as candidates without taking corporate money. 

How do you know what candidates are not taking corporate money?

They’ll tell you, whether it’s Kshama Sawant running for City Council in Seattle, Bernie Sanders running for President in 2016, Richmond Progressive Alliance candidates running in Richmond, California, or Green Party and Peace and Freedom candidates running for any office anywhere, anytime. 

Whoever pays you, that’s your boss. When billionaires and their corporations invest in politicians, they are the boss. If a public official — whether “progressive” or “conservative” — takes their money or acts as a team player in a political party that takes the corrupting money, then whenever their single vote really matters, that’s whose side they must take. Voters may say, “Ah well, you tried, we’ll vote for you again anyway,” but corporations will not keep playing that game if they don’t get a return on their campaign contribution investment. 

Individual voters and candidates working together with grassroots organizations will create a government that serves People not Corporations.

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